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Meissen Tableware

The Blue Onion pattern has been in production for close to three centuries. It was basically designed by Höroldt in 1739 and is probably inspired by a Chinese bowl from the Kangxi period. Due to its popularity it has been copied extensively by over sixty companies. Many pieces with the blue onion pattern have been produced by competitors, some of them even using the term Meissen as a marking. The pattern was so popular and widespread that the German Supreme Court in 1926 ruled that the term Meissen Zwiebelmuster ("Meissen Onion Pattern") was in the public domain. Other popular patterns still in production include the Purple Rose pattern and the Vine-leaf pattern. A series of "Court Dragon" and "Red Dragon" tableware patterns feature Chinese dragons in underglaze red with gilded details flying around the rim of the plate and a medallion in the center of the cavetto.